Puerto Galera Girls

Sabang is probably the best area for you to stay as it is where all the girly bars are and all the hotels here are bar girl friendly. This area is primarily set up for Korean ‘diving’ male tourists but there’s also a healthy mix of western tourists and ex pats which come here often.

There’s about 10 girly bars in Sabang each with a different theme however some are more focused on the Korean tourists than others i.e. if you want the best looking girls make sure you get out around 6pm when the bars open as sometimes the ‘Kim-swarm’ can decimate several bars and they will be either closed or ony left with a handful of girls by about 8/9pm. Despite this there’s always an option as there is a healthy quantity of girls and some of the bars don’t appeal to the Korean tourists which means some of the better looking girls will still be dancing well past midnight.

Barfines range from P3,000-P4,000 all inclusive, beers are around P80-P120 and lady drinks around P160-P280. If you’re not staying in Sabang you may need a little convincing to the girl or the mamasan for them to come and join you, so if it’s just the girls and the diving you want don’t stay anywhere else as you can easily get a trike from Sabang to the beaches anytime of the day for about P500 return.

Almost all of the girls working in Sabang come from outside of Puerto Galera with a healthy number coming from Manila, Cebu, Visayas, and Mindanao. Sometimes you will get some coming from elsewhere in Mindoro but this is rare. It is pretty standard that the barfine is until at least after breakfast the next morning from whenever you take her from the bar that night. Except for the Korean’s who can suffer from the 3,3,3 scenario and the girls go with them early only to leave quickly back to the bar so they can score another customer for the night.

Elsewhere in Puerto Galera there are opportunities to meet girls in White Beach during the day and especially at night when the beach parties get going. Most of the Filipinas at White Beach come from Manila for a short getaway, there aren’t many freelancers here except the occasional one on WeChat. If you are into Lady Boys then there are plenty around White Beach as a lot of them have moved from Boracay.

During the summer months picking up girls from Manila on White Beach can be like shooting fish in a barrel, not as much quantity as Boracay but way less competition from other guys and the local Filipinos struggle with the Manila girls due to the Manila vs Province snooty attitude. There can at times also be large numbers of western, korean, japanese and recently chinese girls at white beach, aninuan and tamaraw beaches as Puerto Galera has becoming slightly more known since the closure of Boracay.


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Mermaid Resort & Dive Center  

The Mermaid Resort is located in Puerto Galera, a few hours away from Manila. The resort offers high-speed internet connection, an outdoor pool and also offers airport pickup and transfers at a charge

The rooms at the Mermaid Resort are air-conditioned. Mermaid Resort rooms are fitted with a minibar, a DVD player, safety deposit box, and personal bathroom with shower.

Dive sites and watersport activities are located in the Mermaid Resort. There is also a restaurant available on site. The Mermaid Resort also has it’s own Dive Center for those who would like to learn how to dive.




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