Bars and Clubs in Boracay

Whilst there may be no traditional ‘girly bars’ in Boracay ‘Cocomangas’ is the closest you will find to an out and out similarity i.e. all most all of the girls here are looking to score with you for the night for monetary compensation. Cocomangas is located in Station 1 and is pretty much the longest running bar and considered an institution among the islands faithful.

Happy hour here last until 9:30pm with buy one take one drinks for 100 Pesos, after that it’s about P70 for a beer, 160 Pesos for spirits, 170 Pesos for cocktails and 370 Pesos for several buckets including 12 shots. Girls here will want about P2,500 for a short time ‘boom-boom’, however with a bit of charm offensive and a few drinks to lubricate the proceedings you can easily get them down to P1,500 especially as the night gets later. But if your goal is to simply walk in and walk out with a girl don’t expect to get much of a discount.

So if Boracay is your first stop and you’ve never encountered the ‘freelancer’ scene you’re probably asking ‘how do I make this work?’. It’s pretty easy and you’ll understand why as soon as you walk into one of the bars, basically any filipina who is looking at you like your her next meal is a freelancer, any filipinas which are sat in a large group are most likely not and it would be very awkward to approach this situation anyway so stick to the girls in pairs or at the bar as your best bet.

Basically walk up to the girl and introduce yourself ask her where she is from and if she is ‘fishing’ tonight. That way if she’s not a freelancer she will probably say ‘what is fishing?’, if she is a freelancer she will either say ‘yes’ or something funny like ‘depends what kind of fish are in the ocean’ i.e. they make it pretty obvious for you to proceed. After that clarification you’re clear to buy her a drink and get to talking. Ok so yes this sounds like a lot more work than girly bars where you’re pretty much home free as soon as you walk in, however freelancers are usually a lot more fun to party with than bar girls, especially in Boracay.

Most of the Filipinas will enter the bars around 10pm, before that is your best chance to meet the other foreign tourist girls as they tend to hang out at the bars a lot earlier. If you are into Korean girls then you will love Boracay as it seems like this is one of Koreas most favourite places to party outside of Seoul. However, in our experience a lot of the Korean girls come here with their boyfriends or in groups and the language barrier can be difficult, but don’t let that deter you we’ve had great experiences and heard countless stories of why Boracay and Korean girls is a match made in heaven.

Exit barr and Coco bar are other good options to party at and they are right next to eachother. However the best thing to do is just perch up at one of the bars when you feel like it and then walk along the beach later and see which bar takes your fancy as each night can and will draw a different crowd.

Beers are generally around P70-P80 and spirits about double that. Freelancer girls can go from between P1,000 to P2,000 again all dependent on how you get along with them and your negotiating skills, whilst all the other foreign and filipina girls here are FREE so long as you can bring your A game skills.

Nightclubs in Boracay

Nightclubs is a loose term in Boracay as pretty much every bar and even restaurant transforms once the sun goes down into pumping music and lights show attracting people like moths to the flame to come and drink and party with each other.

Epic and Summer Place could probably be considered to be the most traditional form of nightclubs in Boracay, however even if you don’t pay the cover charge you can still party outside on the beach as many people seem to do. Club Paraw is also in Boracay however its away from the other bars probably because they fancy themselves a little more exclusive than all the others, check it out if you want but stations 1 and 2 can keep you entertained every night for weeks if that’s what you want to do.

Pretty much there’s a revolving door policy in Boracay and if you stay for longer than 2 weeks you wont see the same people very often as they come and go frequently. This means that there is ALWAYS a new batch of girls coming through pretty much every day, so if gaming is your goal and you don’t care about the girly bars and just want to pick up 2-3 times a day then Boracay is the best place in the Philippines to do this.

The normal Filipinas in Boracay will all speak good English and probably wont mind paying for their own drinks as they have enough money to be partying in Boracay so they probably have a decent job in Manila or Cebu. If you struggled with the local girls in Manila or Cebu then you should have much more luck in Boracay as these local girls are here to party and they away from their family and all the spying eyes i.e. Go for it, but make sure you’re not overly aggressive as you’ll scare them off, if you want more advice on picking up or dating local Filipinas then have a look at our dating section for more advice.

A lot of the freelancers here are also just normal Filipinas who might think that scoring P2,000 from you for the night is a pretty decent way to recoup some of the money thew spent on their holiday! In fact we have experienced this all over the Philippines as foreigners i.e. Filipinas will actually fancy sleeping with you and hey why not try and get some money out of  you in the morning…

Again the foreign contingent of girls in Boracay is strong and most of them are single and ready to mingle, so if you fancy a break from the Filipinas and want to chance your hand on some other nationalities then Boracay is the best place to do this.

There is no cover charge at the clubs except at Epic which is 300 Pesos including 2 drinks and Summer Place which is 300 Pesos with no drinks included. Local beers P80-P90, international beers P220, Whiskey about P160-P180, Bottles of Whiskey start at about 1,700 Pesos up too P4,500.

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Looking for a suitable hotel in Boracay? Check out our list of recommended hotels below

Ambassador in Paradise

This property is a 1-minute walk from the beach. Set in the island of Boracay, along the shores of Station 1, Ambassador In Paradise is a 5-star property featuring an outdoor swimming pool with beach views, a restaurant on-site, and free WiFi throughout the property. The resort is within 1.5 km from D’Mall and 5.9 km from Puka Shell Beach.

All rooms at the Ambassador In Paradise are fitted with air conditioning, a flat-screen cable TV, and a seating area. Other in-room amenities include a minibar, a refrigerator, and a safety deposit box. The en-suite bathrooms are equipped with shower while other come with a spa bath.



A continental, asian, and halal breakfast is served daily at the property, while international dishes are also available at Al Fresco Bar and Restaurant that is located on the beach. Special diet menu and in-room breakfast may also be arranged.

Guests can relax by the pool or enjoy relaxing massages on the beach. Other recreation options include a fitness centre. Windsurfing, diving, and golf may be arranged at an additional cost.

The hotel also offers shuttle service and tour assistance. There is also a business centre at the property while airport transfer may be arranged at an extra cost.





Willy’s Rock Formation is 400 m from the resort while Bulabog Beach is 9-minute drive from the away. The nearest airport is Caticlan Airport, an hour land and boat transfers from Ambassador In Paradise.




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