Angeles Girly Bars

You’re in Angeles, how does it work, how do I get laid? Basically walk into any bar with bright flashing neon outside it and loud blaring music either on Walking Street or Fields Avenue and EVERY girl in there is available i.e. even the door girls outside and the waitresses which pretty much rotate between being dancers one night and a waitress the next. You walk in take a look around or just sit down, usually a waitress will grab you straight away and take you to a seat and ask you to order a drink.

You DON’T have to buy a drink straight away, best thing to do on your first night is take a brief stroll down the entire street and pop your head inside each bar to have a sneak peek at what that bar is like, this way you will at least have a road map for later on after you’ve had a few beers. One fun game for a bucks party is to start at the beginning of walking street and see who can get the furthest down the street, the only hard part is you have to stop and have a beer in every single girly bar along the way (both sides of the street). We have heard of the legend of ‘Angeles Dave’ who not only made it the whole way, he made it back down the street as well!

So you found a bar you like and there’s a girl dancing on stage who you can’t take your eyes off, how do you get her back to your hotel room? Simple, ask the waitress to either bring her over to talk to you and maybe have a drink, or you can simply ask the mamasan to barfine her if your English is a bit poor. Chat with the mamasan and make sure it’s all clear, then pay the money to the mamasan and she’s all yours for the duration.

Don’t be shocked if sometimes the girls refuse to go with you, some girls are afraid of Western, Middle Eastern or African men because they might be a bit small and you might be a bit big if you catch my drift… Plus a lot of them want to keep themselves available for Korean or Japanese men because they tend to pay more and the old saying amongst the girls is 3,3,3 which is an acronym for 3 thousand pesos, 3 minutes and 3 inches i.e. They tend to be a lot less work for the girls, so take it as a compliment and just move on or ask the waitress to make sure she is ok with going with you BEFORE she sits down or you order a drink.

For the Korean and Japanese guys reading this you sure are lucky because most of the girls all over the Philippines are waiting for you to come and sweep them off their feet, you’ll have absolutely no issues in regards to girls going with you or not and you’ll most likely walk into every bar and be treated like your some kind of rock-star or celebrity as all the girls shout and scream and run over to your general direction!

Prices: A bottle of local beer costs 120-130 Pesos in the girly bars, lady drinks are 250-300 Pesos. Bar fines are 3,000 Pesos in most of the bars, however some places charge 2,500 Pesos but their girls aren’t as attractive and they tend to have that ‘thousand dick stare’.

You don’t need to tip the girls unless you really want to. If you want to party in your hotel room with a group of girls to fulfil some fantasy then best pick the girl at the bar you like the most and tell her what you want to do, ask her if she has some friends she likes to party with for that kind of stuff and she’ll bring you a selection of girls who are ‘comfortable’ with each other and thus your experience with them will be 10 times better.

You will notice things like ping-pong balls in buckets on tables and handles with pull ropes inside most bars, look if you want to watch all the girls run around like crazy for a few minutes then this is a hell of a lot of fun, otherwise it’s a pure waste of money and most often if you’re in the bigger bars on the weekend someone else will probably do this anyway so they can pay for it!

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